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Transaction ID :
1 Name of the applicant :
2 (a) Are you citizen of india? :
(b) Blood group :
3(a) Father's Name :
(b) Father's Occupation :
(c) Father's Address :
(d) Husband's Name :
(e) Applicant Address :
4(a) Age as on last Birth date :
(b) Date of Birth :
(c) Sex :
5(a) Give the name of the place in tamil nadu or union territory of pondicherry where you intend to practice and your address thereat :
Place   Address thereat
(b) your permanent address for record(change of address to be notified under section22(2) of the advocates (Act) with PIN code and name of the nearest court centre) :
Nerest court center   Permanent address
6(a) Have you made any application previously for being admitted as an advocate before the bar council or any other state bar council :
(b) If so,State the result,if rejected the ground for such rejection. :
7 State whether qualified to be admitted as advocate under section 24 of (the advocates Act. 1961) :
8(a) The college at which you studied and from which you were sent up to university for first graduation :
(b) the number of year for which you were required to study for the first degree :
(c) the date on which you passed the examination and obtainedi your first degree :
(d) the nature of the degree whether arts,science or commerce :
(e) medium of instruction in the degree course :
(f) whether english was one of the compulsory subject?if not whether the test or examination for proficiency in english passed :
(g) any other qualification such as M.A. etc. obtain before joining the course of instruction in law and year of passing :
(h) Any academic qualification equivalent to a degree prescribed by the bar council of india under section 24(1)@(3)or(4) of the advocates act 1961. :
9(a) the college at which the course of instruction in law was taken and the university in which the degree in law was obtained :
College Name   University Name
(b) the academic terms and the year in which you commenced the course of instruction in law and the year of completion. :
Year   year of completion
(c) the duration of the course of instruction in law whether three years/five years. :
(d) the date of passing pre law course. :
(e) the month & year of the final law exam which you passed and your register number thereat :
month & year   Register number
(f) whether the law degree was taken by private study or actual attendence at classes in all 3 or 5 years of law course :
(g) medium of instruction in law if not,english whether proficiency test in english was passed in the course of instruction in law :
(h) if the degree in law is of a university outside the territory of india,state whether the degree is recognised by the bar council of india? :
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